Here you will find 1,000+ photos of the widespread damage cause by an F2 tornado that occurred on April 13th, 2006 in Iowa City, IA.

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  1. The SamKnows "whitebox" user experience blog. I am blogging about my experience and opions regarding why and how the FCC is striving for greater transparency within the broadband market. However, there's simply nothing else out there to hold ISP's accountable to their service claims. The statistics of the SamKnows project provide a whole new means of looking at broadband services, levelling the playing field and making the industry more accountable and work harder for the consumer.

  2. Also highlighted on this site is the Iowa City April 13th, 2006 tornado photo gallery. The University of Iowa Campus was moderately affected, with several buildings damaged. The Easter Week 2006 Tornado Outbreak Sequence was a tornado outbreak sequence during the days leading up to Easter and continued into the first week after Easter. It was the third major outbreak of April 2006, which had been an unusually busy month for tornado activity.

  3. You will also find much content related to the Dave Mathews Band...from torrents to .Mp3 downloads.

Sailboats on the Chicago River..